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It’s 5:54 in the afternoon. It’s one of my favorite parts of the day almost anywhere in the world, but most of all, anywhere near the sea. I wish I could capture the feeling I have at this moment. The fresh, cool air gently combing my hair and sun-kissed skin, sand between my toes and under my finger nails and a hint of sunscreen that burns my right eye. Despite the small annoyance it brings me joy. Although the backdrop is different today, the calm of the hour, the breeze and the setting sun are all the same. Maybe it’s this special hour by the sea, the café con leche I have found myself drinking every day or the Spanish language being spoken around me – but it feels like home. I’m only missing the people I love.   Advertisements


I got an email the other day from — the subject line read: “It’s been six months since your last trip.” I couldn’t believe it. Six months has already passed since I last booked my hostel in the Canary Islands? I stared at the email thinking about those three months of traveling before clicking the box to delete it. Man, does time fly. It’s now the very last day of July 2012. I just rolled in from the beach, searching for the slightest sign of ride-able waves. Trickles. The surf shop had students floating on the passing baby swells, but it was nothing I wanted to bring my board out into. I parked the truck, grabbed my towel and headed for the water. I needed a good dose of salt water. My mind had been swirling all day with thoughts of visas, moving in October, friends I’ll get to see again and friends I’m leaving in the States. I’ve come to realize a good dose of salt water will really help cure anything. I’ve …


After a lonely stint in Italy, I headed to the South of France to run into the arms of my Colombian princess. An 8 hour train ride and I was finally in Nice where I found Melissa and we squealed with excitement as we hugged and kept repeating how excited we were to see each other. We headed back to her place and I made myself at home where I actually lived for 10 days. It was perfect. Most people are confused when I say I love the South of France. It has the stigma attached that it’s all about flashy cars, houses on the beach and expensive nightclubs. And maybe, yes, this is true. But it’s not the side of the South I experienced. It’s more than easy to find cheap places to eat with a beautiful view, to take long strolls along the coast and admire the flashy houses, and to enjoy good company in whats supposed to be an expensive city. I believe new cities are all about the people you meet …


the grass tickles my fingers as my arms lay resting along the ground. the breeze coming from the east. sweeping stray hairs across my neck, my face. my eyes open and close in the bright sunlight. my skin tightens as the warmth is absorbed. i feel my lips. they part and the breeze gently pours into my mouth as my cheeks salivate embracing these new sensations. my lungs fill with a small breath. it falls. it rises. the salt air in my body. in my nose. out my mouth. counting the breaths as they come and go, as the seconds pass. this is maine. this is home.