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| to the mediterranean & back |

It had to be done — I had to escape my seaside town for the weekend. With Georgia & Olivia heading east, I decided to take a break from my routine and go with them. Little did I know that I’d be reminding myself of why I originally fell in love with San Sebastian three years ago — The big city smells; bustling, loud, crowds of people; and stuffy buildings had me craving the fresh ocean breeze, chimes of the church next to my house, and the sandy floors that remind me I’m home (and that I maybe need to sweep, too). It’s a weekend I needed away to make me appreciate where I am — because even though I constantly try to remind myself of “being in the moment” and “making the most of where you are”  — I sometimes need a kick in the ass to remember my own words of advice. Despite the hectic crowds, we made our way through the winding streets of Barcelona finding new treasures from hidden coffee / …

| christmas day & the power of a wave |

It’s January 7th and today the academic world returned to their schedules of early morning alarms, coffees, and the notebooks. Myself included as student and teacher. During my lesson this evening I started with a game. Two truths and a lie about what we did during out winter vacations. Mine were as followed: 1) I went surfing Christmas morning 2) I taught myself how to make the Spanish tortilla and 3) I went to the Canary Islands for four days. As much as I would love to have had number two be the lie, unfortunately it was number three. I’m still pale as a ghost and look like I havent seen the sunlight in about four months … oh wait, welcome to winter in San Sebastian! I kid, I kid. But really — I stayed in my beautiful city during my two week vacation and, despite the terrifyingly large waves pounding on Zurriola, Mother Nature sent some choppy 4footers my way. So I paddled out on Christmas day. It was rough. I realized after almost …


It’s 5:54 in the afternoon. It’s one of my favorite parts of the day almost anywhere in the world, but most of all, anywhere near the sea. I wish I could capture the feeling I have at this moment. The fresh, cool air gently combing my hair and sun-kissed skin, sand between my toes and under my finger nails and a hint of sunscreen that burns my right eye. Despite the small annoyance it brings me joy. Although the backdrop is different today, the calm of the hour, the breeze and the setting sun are all the same. Maybe it’s this special hour by the sea, the café con leche I have found myself drinking every day or the Spanish language being spoken around me – but it feels like home. I’m only missing the people I love.