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We sat  in a bar during ‘las navidades’ sipping on glasses of red wine and nibbling on a selection of pintxos as we talked about being away from our families over the holidays to the meaning of the word brave. Julie is one of the few American woman I’ve met here in San Sebastian and we are kindred souls, despite the 35 year age difference. She’s adventurous and, as some would say, brave. To us, this is a silly word, but we hear it often. She recently dropped her life in the United States to move to San Sebastian and better her Spanish. Even though she doesn’t plan on staying here as long as I do, I did the same exact thing just a few months ago. Many friends back home and many new friends here have told us the same thing: you’re brave for packing your bags and taking off. We’re always humbled when people compliment us on our decision to move, travel, and leave our own country, however, we would never consider ourselves brave. Adventurous, yes. Free-spirited, maybe. But brave? We don’t feel …


the grass tickles my fingers as my arms lay resting along the ground. the breeze coming from the east. sweeping stray hairs across my neck, my face. my eyes open and close in the bright sunlight. my skin tightens as the warmth is absorbed. i feel my lips. they part and the breeze gently pours into my mouth as my cheeks salivate embracing these new sensations. my lungs fill with a small breath. it falls. it rises. the salt air in my body. in my nose. out my mouth. counting the breaths as they come and go, as the seconds pass. this is maine. this is home.


I sat in the Dublin airport with my face in my hands. Hot tears streamed down my cheeks and as I thought about where I was heading — home. It’s funny. A year ago I had sat in the same terminal waiting for a flight to Boston with the same hot tears running from my eyes. But this time, it was different. A year ago I was ready to leave to Europe, I wanted to go back to Maine — to see my family, friends and the beautiful coast. A little over a week ago, I was sad to be done my travels, I was sad to be going back home. Before I left for my trip I wasn’t sure how many months would be too long or too short. I took a guess and made sure I’d use my 90 day tourist visa to the max and go from there whether I find work to make extra money or if I had properly made a budget, still had money of my own saved to …