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| morning stroll |

I love the boulevard the best in the morning when the sun is coming up and the people are still at home — it’s when I feel the city is most of alive, I see it’s true spirit and calmness, I understand Donosti. Advertisements

| just call the germans & tell them a lie |

The title of this post may lead you to believe I want to write about god knows what — however, this post is about music. And no, I have nothing against Germans. Being surrounded by music is something that I’ll always look for in my life. I can’t imagine my life without it. Even though I play around with the guitar a little bit, it’ll never be like hearing truly talented musicians play. I was lucky to have grown up in a home that always had music on the radio, a CD playing, or melodies pouring from my brothers bedroom from one of the few instruments he plays. Then when I went to college I surrounded myself with talented friends who could play the guitar, sing, and simply had a love of performing. And now again, my life here in San Sebastian, I have found myself in the midst of artists from around Europe. I couldn’t imagine spending my Sunday evening any other way – glasses of wine, freshly baked cookies, and good friends sitting around and making …

| christmas day & the power of a wave |

It’s January 7th and today the academic world returned to their schedules of early morning alarms, coffees, and the notebooks. Myself included as student and teacher. During my lesson this evening I started with a game. Two truths and a lie about what we did during out winter vacations. Mine were as followed: 1) I went surfing Christmas morning 2) I taught myself how to make the Spanish tortilla and 3) I went to the Canary Islands for four days. As much as I would love to have had number two be the lie, unfortunately it was number three. I’m still pale as a ghost and look like I havent seen the sunlight in about four months … oh wait, welcome to winter in San Sebastian! I kid, I kid. But really — I stayed in my beautiful city during my two week vacation and, despite the terrifyingly large waves pounding on Zurriola, Mother Nature sent some choppy 4footers my way. So I paddled out on Christmas day. It was rough. I realized after almost …