About Me

You’ve found it. My little piece of the internet where I can say whatever I please; where I can – hopefully – inspire some or simply pull at the heart strings. I hope to capture wherever I am in the world with my words, but as I’ve learned, sometimes words fail. Sometimes moments can’t be described as more than the feelings that they brought to us at that very point in time. Sometimes photos speak more than words; and sometimes they don’t.

I hope you enjoy my stories, my photos, and I hope you can find your own happiness in whatever it is you do. For me, it’s traveling; it’s writing; it’s riding trains; it’s taking photos; it’s surfing; it’s laying in the arms of a loved one; it’s laughing hysterically with friends. Whatever it is for you – I ask you to share and please comment. Reach out. We all have stories worth sharing.

I post two regular sections: The Local Lowdown and 48 Hours In.

The Local Lowdown series features locals and their top 10  favorite spots in their city. It usually involves bars, beaches, restaurants, hikes, etc. It may be your Mama’s backyard garden and BBQ – whatever it is, I wanna share it. It’s what makes your city YOURS. If you’d like to be featured leave a comment below and we’ll talk details.

48 Hours In is just what it say: 48 Hours in any city I’ve spent some quality time in. These are based on personal experiences, interviews with locals, and a little research. I want people to make the most of their weekend away if thats all the time they’ve got to travel.

#HipmunkCityLove Project is a past project encouraging travel to those lesser known cities around the world. I had the pleasure of writing regular blog posts highlighting various cities and the reason why we love them and why YOU should visit them if not only for a weekend.

So: welcome, bienvenidos, bienvenue – to my site, my inner thoughts, and my view on life.  It’s been quite the journey so far & I only know it’ll keep getting better and better.

Love love love, Native of the North

Sagan Pope_small


1 Comment

  1. amarycollins says

    Te amo, loca! Sigue escribiendo y sacando MILES de fotos! Te extraño demasiado, hermana bajin….jajaja you know the rest! 😉

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