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Hipmunk City Love: Best Parks in Berlin

Berlin, Germany is known for being an amazing city for many reasons, from its nightlife to its cultural activities and museums. Berlin also has a wide selection of parks that are great for outdoor activities. And although this German city is landlocked, it has a lot of watery escapes as well. If you’re planning to stay amidst the greenery in this beautiful city, don’t forget to book a Berlin hotel in advance.

Volkspark Friedrichshain

One of the coolest places to be, Volkspark Friedrichshain borders neighborhoods Friedrichshain and Prenzlauer Berg. It’s a beautiful park filled with ponds and streams, and in the summer you can relax and enjoy a barbecue, sunbathe on the lawns, or get active with any of the slackliners you’ll see set up between the trees.

Großer Tiergarten

Like the German word “Großer” signifies — this park is big.  Located in the center of Berlin, Großer Tiergarten dates back to the 17th century when the park was first laid out as a hunting park by Friedrich I (1657-1713). The second half of the park’s name actually means “animal garden,” and in most German cities it’s the word used for zoo. The Berlin Zoo — the oldest zoo in Germany — is located next to the park.

Schlosspark Charlottenburg

Home to the Charlottenburg Palace, Schlosspark Charlottenburg was originally built as a summer residence for the wife of Frederick III. You can visit the palace within the park or simply wander the vast grounds. Visit Carp Pond or the Spree River for a touch of wildlife among the very well-maintained lawns, or visit some of the many buildings and museums within the park.


Vikoriapark features a natural hill that rolls through the park grounds, only made prettier by a man-made waterfall cascading from the National Memorial to street level. Agreed upon by most locals and visitors alike, Viktoriapark is one of the prettiest parks in all of Berlin — a beautiful way to spend an afternoon and perhaps watch the sun go down on the city before the wild nightlife of Berlin begins.

Tempelhofer Park

One of the most original parks in the city, Tempelhofer only recently became a park in 2010. Up until 2008, Tempelhofer had been a fully functioning airport. The Nazi architectural-style building still stands, along with an air traffic control tower and a few airplanes that remain on the runway.

The Tempelhofer Park is an ongoing project for Berlin, but for now, the doors are open to those who wish to use the grounds. You’ll mostly find athletes using the landing strip for training or the lawn for football matches. If you don’t mind the direct sun, it’s the perfect place for a picnic.


One of the most famous parks in Berlin, Mauerpark is well known for having a piece of the Berlin Wall, a reminder of the city’s past. The park is also known for its Sunday fleamarket and the famous Bearpit Karaoke held every Sunday in the amphitheater. Anyone can join in and share their musical talents or simply pop on by for some live musical entertainment.

And while this is just a small selection of parks in Berlin, there really is so much more to explore. So on your next visit to Berlin, make sure you make enough time for the city’s beautiful green spaces.

Image by Maria via Trover.com


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