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Hipmunk City Love: Where to Get your OM on in Stockholm

Almost all fitness guru’s will agree, it’s important to maintain your practice when you travel! From your running, to crossfit, to yoga, it’s important to give your body the physical activity it’s craving. But as with any new city you visit, it’s hard to know where is the best place to go – especially if you’re only signing up for one class. So here at Native of the North – some yoga fanatics ourselves – we’ve compiled a list of the best yoga studios in Stockholm to make choosing your next drop-in class wisely!


At YogaHimsa a new member can sign up for a Free Test Class saving the hassle of feeling like you’re dropping big bucks on a new class you know nothing about. Classes begin at 6:30 a.m. and go throughout the day untill 8:30 in the evening. YogaHimsa has 11 various classes ranging from Bikram to Yin yoga and Ashtanga to Hatha allowing members to explore their and discover their prefered variation of the practice in either hot or normal temperature room. Visit their website for price options depending on your stay!Some casses are taught in English, check on their website for schedule.

Yogashala Stockholm

Not a typical yoga studio, Yogashala Stockholm brings in guest teachers from around the world for workshops every few months. Focusing on Ashtanga yoga, introductory classes are on the schedule one weekend a month to prepare students for the wonderful information they’ll learn during the workshops. All workshops must be reserved and paid ahead of time. Basic knowledge of Ashtanga yoga is helpful as the workshops will only deepen your personal practice. For the regular weekly schedule, it’s best to consult the online calendar as times and classes may change.


Aiming to bring yoga to everybody despite age, weight, race, gender – at Yogayama you’ll find the best of the best in teachers, space, and food. Yogayama features various yoga styles: Mysore, Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyassa, and others. Among one of their most impressive yoga instructors is Laruga, a woman who makes even the most difficult yoga positions look easy. Laruga teaches Mysore classes in English Monday through Friday mornings from 6:00 – 10:00 a.m. and a Led Primary Series class Sunday mornings; she, however, doesn’t teach during a full or new moon, so keep an eye on her website for the moon calendar.


The first Bikram studio – also known as hot-yoga – in Stockholm, duCalme is a must visit for those looking to sweat it out during their yoga practice. Bikram classes are taught in a 40 degree room where students work on their balance and concentration while keeping their cool in the hot room. Although no prior knowledge is required, it’s best to buy a drop-in classes to see if Bikram yoga is for you. A seven-day pass as well as long-term passes are available for those who come out a fan. Recommended for those who speak Swedish or who have previous practice with the Bikram series, as all instructors give class in their native language.

Image by A Cruising Couple via Trover.com



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