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Cities Less Traveled: Boston’s Allston-Brighton ‘hood

This week we’ll be exploring Boston’s Allston-Brighton neighborhood. Further up the Charles River, Allston-Brighton is located right down the street from Fenway and Boston University while housing Harvard Business School in its city blocks. It’s a natural move for the college kids of Boston with cheaper housing, walking distance to some universities, and the overwhelming number of coffee shops for studying — which is just what we want to talk about.fixedw_large_4x

Coffee shops are not just for buying a quick cappuccino or loose leaf tea and taking off but also for making yourself comfortable for hours — whether you’re a studious college student, a freelancer choosing a new office for the day, or on a relaxing vacation getaway. The coffee shop culture has become a part of our everyday lives, whether we take part or simply watch others click away on their laptops. So today, we’re going to explore this world and list our favorite coffee shops in Allston-Brighton for those looking for a new joint in which to grab a “Cup-o-Joe” tomorrow.

Our top three favorite coffee shops offer a wide range of coffees, teas, and maybe even something to nibble on.

The Refuge Cafe – Rave reviews had us take a closer peek at this little joint. Not just serving up seasonal coffees and a long list of teas, their wraps seem to have a famous reputation for keeping the customers coming back for more. It’s a hip place to grab a bite to eat and take your time to enjoy your weekend morning/afternoon.

Pavement Coffee House  – Homemade bagels and breads will warm your nostrils as you open the doors to Pavement Coffee House. They serve Counter Culture Coffee, Rishi Tea, a selection of tasty pastries, and a menu offering breakfast and lunch. And from their own description: “Pavement combines the gritty vibe of its surrounding artistic community with a warm and inviting ambiance.” We love it.

Cafe Nation –  With a breakfast menu that’s served all day, we’re in love already. A full menu from bagels to omelettes (your way), Cafe Nation also offers a pretty mouth-watering lunch menu including salads and sandys (that’s short for a sandwich, people).  We also love Cafe Nation for their straightforward coffee list and tea selection. Just take a look for yourself.

For more ideas on where to get some unforgettable java,  search “coffee” at Weotta.com to get inspired by the other amazing cafés throughout Boston! Or, really, to get inspired for anything else, too! And we know you’re not only going to hunt down coffee shops (even though that’s what most of our holidays consist of . . . ) so don’t miss out on some of the most amazing music, sporting events, or theatre productions that Boston has to offer! Or really, any of these tours that could be a fun way to spend an afternoon.

And as for those pesky details about where to stay, there are some wonderful reviews (which I wrote!) about the best historic hotels in the area. Why not make the weekend even more unforgettable?


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