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Native of the North Guest Bloggers

Hello beautiful people!

I’m looking for Guest Bloggers to add + share their wisdom with the world of travellers. I have two sections, 48 Hours In + The Local Lowdown which are in need of some new additions.

48 Hours In focuses on two days not-to-miss activities, places to eat and see. So far, I’ve written all my 48 Hours In pieces based on personal experience, local knowledge, and some research. However, with time constraints and extra projects on hand – I haven’t had time to add more. Which is why I’m asking for your help!

The Local Lowdown is a series which focuses on locals and their Top 10 Favorite places in a city they once called home or currently do. Favorite things can include: favorite bars, parks, museums, or your friend’s moms homecooked chicken dinner. Everything goes!

For anybody interested in adding their expert knowledge, please contact me via my Facebook page! Give a like and send a message. I’ll get back to you all as soon as possible!


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