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The Local Lowdown | Carolyn on Belize

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Carolyn Pado, 75 years old born in Rockford, Illinois but living most of her life in Michigan, has called Belize home for 2 years.

Always a traveller at heart, Carolyn spent about 3 months hopping around Europe on her own in her early 30s – she continues to travel back and forth from Belize to the US and throughout South America. She loves reading, music, and most of all meeting locals of the country she now calls home.

What do you want a visitor to know about Belize?

Belize is a beautiful country with loving, warm people. The richness of Belize is in its people, its natural beauty and its simplicity. I love especially the simplicity of living and the access to community on the island of Ambergris Caye.

Life here is an active one for many; access to fishing, boating, diving, kite surfing are the reason why many come to Belize, which boasts the second largest Barrier Reef.

Carolyn’s top 10 favorite spots in Belize – 

1. The Greenhouse: A small store where you can get a great variety of foods. The owners are always ready to greet you and help you.

The Greenhousephoto by: thegreenhouseproducemarket

2. CSM: A little electronics shop run by Julian, a computer expert; he has helped me so often with my computer problems. He and his wife are excellent to know for all your electronic needs, also.

We patronize some restaurants in our area of South San Pedro.

3. George’s Restaurant: Featuring Belizean and North American food, but mostly it features the friendliest place to be. George and Maria are willing to do “whatever it takes” to help anyone who needs information, advice, directions, or just a warm and friendly “hello”.

Often you will meet people from Canada, Europe, South America, the USA and Central America who have lived here or who are just visiting.

4. The “Melt”: Owned and run by two former Air Force vets who know how to serve up a great variety of food. This also is a great place to be to meet with people from all over the world.

photo by:

5. Pinocchio’s: A wonderful open-air restaurant with delicious, thin-crust wood-fired pizzas. Max is Italian and his wife, Lizbet, a Belizian, offer other delicious food on the menu.

6. John and his wife, Tippy, have a great Thai restaurant. John is from England and Tippy is from Thailand, so you always get a great international experience along with the food.

7. We often visit the utility offices to pay our bills, although most of the time we pay bills on line. The reason we take time to visit the offices is to say hello to the great people of the Island; it seems that the Belizians have the greatest memories on earth. After one visit they know you forever!

8. We also have a wonderful experience dealing with the employees of SMART for our internet service, Coral Cable for cable needs, and Digicell for our mobile phone needs.

9. I cannot forget to mention the small fruit and vegetable store run by Tina. The store is next to George’s Kitchen and goes by the name of Esperanza. This is a daily stop for me!

10. We do not rent or own a golf cart, so we travel by taxi, when needed. I am greatly impressed by our drivers who do all they can to meet our needs.

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