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The Local Lowdown | Amaia on Zarautz

Amaia San Jose-Lunney, 27, grew up in a small Basque town, just a hop skip and a jump over the mountain Igueldo from Donostia-San Sebastian. Although Amaia now resides in Donostia and has lived all over the globe, she will always call Zarautz her home. Her family, her people, and her culture have always been attached to her.


She feels so attached that she and her Australian husband now have made it their business to share her culture with visitors.

“Basque people are really kind and they will always help you,” she says. “Any visitor that comes to (visit) should learn about the culture and try to get to know the locals.”

You can check out her company’s website To Be Basque for more information of getting the full local experience if you ever visit the Basque Country.

Amaia’s top 10 favorite spots in Zarautz & Donostia-San Sebastian –

1. The Walking Path: (Running) along the ocean that goes from Zarautz to Getaria (3.5km) , it is really relaxing for me to walk along the coastline.

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2. Camping Zarautz: On the top of the hill you have amazing views from the Basque Coastline, chilling in the grass while listening to the waves is great.

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3. Izeta Cider House: In the Basque country the most important decisions are taken around the kitchen because cooking and eating are a ritual, I always like to go to Izeta Sagardotegia (Izeta Cider House) in Zarautz  where you get the chance to eat an amazing txuleta (steak) and I have gone several times with my family and always brings me some nice memories.

4. Cristina Enea Park: (Located) in San Sebastian, this park is the perfect place to disconnect for the noise and crowds of the city, it’s only 10 mins walking from the old town and it is perfect to feel the nature.

5. Restaurante Igeldo or Marinela:  In Donostia-San Sebastian’s harbor are great spots to have fresh seafood while looking at La Concha Bay.

San Sebastianphoto by:

6. Monte Igueldo: This is a great spot to have fun with kids and family members, the old amusement park which gives you an unparalleled view of San Sebastian.

7. La Perla Spa: If you want to spoil yourself (this) is the place to go to.

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8. Kezka Bar: In Zarautz it’s a great place to go out on a Friday night, sometimes you even get live music!

9. Txioka Bar: In the old town of San Sebastian, it’s a great place to have a milkshake and play board games with friends.

10.San Telmo Museum: They have different exhibitions throughout the year and it is a great place to spend a rainy day.

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