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48 Hours In | Halifax, Nova Scotia

A thriving university city, I called this place home for four years. From late nights at the Seahorse listening to a seven piece funk band to long days studying at Just Us! Cafe (Canada’s first Fair Trade coffee roaster), Halifax offers a wide variety for its residents and visitors alike. This coastal city is a hub of international exchange and good quality Canadian culture. It’s worth the trip East.

Day One

Market: Start your Saturday with a walk through Halifax’s Historic Farmers Market at the Brewery Square. Gold Island Bakery to Socks Made on 88 call this waterfront market home every week. The market features coffee shops, wineries, meat and fish produce and handmade crafts. Don’t miss out on trying some of the famous waffle or crepes!

Halifax Waterfront

Halifax Waterfront

Stroll: Once you’ve taken in all there is to offer at the morning market, take in the views along the waterfront. Home to Purdy’s Wharf, the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Historic Properties, and Bishops Landing just to name a few – you’ll find a mix of shops and restaurants, museums and gorgeous historical buildings to explore.

Flashback in time: From the waterfront head uphill on any of the streets and make your way towards Brunswick Street where the city’s famous Old Town Clock is located at the base of Citadel Hill. Climb the stairs in front of the clock and you’ll find the entrance to the Halifax Citadel – an old British fort. The Citadel has transformed from the wooden fort it originally was back in 1749 to what it remains today after its fourth construction. Visit the National Park to learn more about this historical property in the center of the city.


Lunch: One of Halifax’s favorites, the Brooklyn Warehouse offers a menu fit for meat lovers. Offering local pork, beef, chicken, fish, scallops, & Nova Scotia oysters – it’s a carnivore’s dream on the seafood thriving East Coast. The Brooklyn Warehouse is located in Halifax’s North End, a neighborhood now marked as the up and coming arts district. New prospects are creating rising prices and pushing out its original residents, a local ongoing dispute.

Lounge: On the walk back from The Brooklyn Warehouse, don’t miss the Halifax Common – one of Halifax’s many green landmarks. With soccer fields, tennis and basketball courts, and loads of green space – the Commons offer a relaxed atmosphere for the single person to an active family. Bask in the sun, take a walk, or bring a ball and call it an afternoon.

Late afternoon tea (or coffee): For an afternoon jolt take a long walk from the Commons down towards the waterfront where you’ll find Trident making its home on Hollis Street. Around since 1992, Trident is more than just a coffee shop. They offer a wall of second-hand books for you to flip through as you enjoy your afternoon.

Public Gardens: Before heading out for the evening, stroll around the lit up public gardens. Take in the small rivers and ponds where various geese and swans make their home amongst the beautifully arranged flowers and trees throughout the park.


Chin chin: Tom’s Little Havana. One of the hottest places in Halifax. This small hole in the wall bar restaurant offers an eclectic mix of food on their menu ranging from their own special wings to a spicy jambalaya to pitas, paninis, and pizza all with a touch of Cuba.

Live Music: Head down the road towards the heart of Halifax to have late night drinks, listen to live music and dance the evening away! For over 60 years The Seahorse has been keeping the party alive as it was the first bar legally licensed to sell beer in the city!

Late Night Eats: Once the night begins to wind down and the folks start to meander home, Pizza Corner is a common stop for many. Once the home to the terrific trio of pizza shops: Sicilian Pizza, King of Donair, and European Food Shop – the infamous pizza corner now only houses two pizza places for late night eats. However, the corner also houses other food joints such as Burrito Jax and Willy’s (for some local cuisine of poutine – the Canadian delicacy of french fries, gravy and squeaky cheese!)


And then it was day two!!

Sunday Brunch: Before hitting the road for your day two adventure in Halifax, don’t miss the beautiful brunch at The Coastal. Offering traditional Huevos Rancheros, Poached Eggs or Buttermilk pancakes with peanut butter this small restaurant is located in the North End of Halifax.

Peggy’s Cove: Drive out to Peggy’s Cove for an adventure into the true Nova Scotia. Travelling backroads along the coast, this end destination offers beautiful views, a famous lighthouse and gorgeous views of small traditional Nova Scotian fishing villages. Visit the museum and explore the rocky coastline. Take a deep breath of pure salty air before heading back to Halifax to finish your two day adventure.


Lunch: For one of Halifax’s best quality slices of pizza, try out Salvatore’s Pizzaiolo Trattoria in the Hydrostone Market. Known for their various options of wood oven pizza, this little gem in the North End also offers a variety of sandwiches, salads and desserts. Take a walk around the market after admiring the local shops and other services available!

Revive yourselves! Coffee! Cozy up in this fair trade cafe for an afternoon cup of coffee or tea! This old home, turned coffee shop is still separated into its original rooms – turning your experience to a more at home experience. JustUs! is filled with big comfy chairs to small tables crowded with wooden stools offer a spot for everyone. Try some of their delicious treats provided by Mary’s Bread Basket!

Relaxing Night Out: To end your East Coast adventures, opt for a low key evening at Obladee Wine Bar. Specializing in artisanal cheeses and wines, they also offers a wide variety of meats, breads, beers, and ciders to make your stomach happy! Also a fantastic little place to sit back and enjoy the monthly selection of live jazz.


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