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48 Hours In | The Kennebunks (ME)

48 Hours in Kennebunk/Kennebunkport, Maine

*Updated July 2015!

Starting the day with a sunrise walk along the Kennebunk beaches has always been one of my favorites of being a local of this little fishing town. In the summer you´ll find a few more faces than usual along your morning walk – including pups chasing after sticks, the bold surfers catching the first waves, and your locals and visitors alike. But as the steam rises off your coffee and a crisp breath leaves your mouth and you watch the sun just peak above the horizon, you´ll be glad you started your day then.

First 24Hours

Walk: After your homemade morning cup of joe at Kennebunk Beach – take a stroll along the two adjoining beaches to take in the views before the crowds gear up for a day of baking in the sun and soaking their toes in the passing waves. There are several beaches in Kennebunk, but the three most well known are Kennebunk, Middle, and Mother´s Beach which are all connected and make for a beautiful walking, jogging, or biking route.

Eat: Starting the day with a proper breakfast is said to be the best! Gear up everyone for an old fashioned homemade breakfast at All Day Breakfast. They offer a classic stack of buttermilk pancakes to a three egg omelette filled with whatever you’d like all accompanied by a never ending fresh cup of coffee!

Visit: The Galleries at Morning Walk is the best way to digest breakfast while enjoying the artwork of these local artists. From fine art photography to oil painting and jewelry making, these artists have found homes for their studios at Morning Walk.

Adventure: Rent a kayak from Southern Maine Kayaks to explore the Kennebunk River cutting through the Kennebunks! Go upstream for a quieter route passing by Cape Arundel Golf Course and Picnic Rock (a popular place for local kids to go swimming in the river!) Or head through the harbor and towards the open ocean where you can cruise along the beaches!

Eat: Grab lunch at Pedro’s for a twist on local. A local hotspot for all ages. This Mexican Restaurant in the heart of Lower Village, Kennebunk offers a wide variety of the traditional Tex Mex menu. Accompanied by delicious margaritas or cold beer, an afternoon spent on their patio couldn’t feel more refreshing.

Wander: Once the stomach has been filled with delicious food, take a wander around the shops of downtown Kennebunkport. Stop to take pictures in all the hidden nooks and crannies that this tiny fishing village has to offer. Some great little shops: Daytrip Society, Abacus, and the Maine Art Gallery.

Eat: For dinner, make a reservation at Bandaloop. A local joint offering organic and local plates. Focusing on vegetarian and vegan options, they also offer a mix of seafood and meat dishes as well. Must try: Scott’s Skillet Steamed Mussels

Drinks: End the evening with drinks at Old Vines Wine Bar just down the street. This popular bar – a renovated barn – offers a range of local beers and wines to spirits of your liking! They offer a chairs around a firepit during the summer and a relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere inside for cooler nights. This place is one of the top ways to end your evening in the Kennebunks!

Sleep: The Nonantum Resort right on Ocean Ave will have everything you need to make sleeping in the Kennebunks the best experience possible.

And then it was day two!

Eat: Start your morning with a delicious coffee and pastries at Mornings In Paris and take them for a morning stroll through the monastery just up the street.

Explore: A hidden gem, St. Anthony’s Franciscan Monastery opens its grounds to the public with trails passing along the harbor for the perfect glimpse of our small town from the less crowded side of the river. Most of the time it’s quite silent with only a few people wandering through. There are benches placed throughout for you to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Adventure: At 11AM step on board the Schooner Eleanor and spend two hours out on the open ocean! Departing three times daily, the Eleanor is a famous face of the Kennebunks.

Eat: When you get back to land, it’s best to grab a seat at Ports of Italy the Kennebunks for lunch. A new authentic Italian restaurant along the river on the Kennebunk side of the bridge with gorgeous views of the ‘Port. Owners Sante Calandri, Italian born and raised, and German Lucarelli, native Argentine with kitchen experience from around the world, look to make everybody’s lunch and dinner an authentic Italian one from starters to dessert. Make sure to call in advance for a reservation as there’s lots of demand!

Relax: Drive over to the more private and secluded Parson’s Beach for an after lunch walk, relaxing on the beach, or a dip in the ocean. Parking can be tight along the road as it’s so limited, but cross the street and find a place and walk back to the beach – it’s totally worth it. If you’re up for it, pop into the farm and see if you can schedule a horse back riding outing on the beach.

Explore: Don’t forget to walk around downtown Kennebunk – the sister town of Kennebunkport – before heading to dinner and an evening out. Just a little more inland, downtown Kennebunk is full of life with various little shops and museums.

Eat: 50 Local keeps the tradition of local and organic using produce within a 50 mile radius of their location in downtown Kennebunk. They offer a variety of dishes from seafood and meat to all vegetarian dishes. The homey yet chic decoration and lively atmosphere makes you feel as if you’ve stepped into a restaurant in the middle of Boston.

And there you have 48 Hours In The Kennebunks !

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  1. Gisele Chiasson says

    Absolutely love your hometown …Martin and I spent a few days there a few summers ago. Loved the antique store “Antiques on Main” and had a memorable supper at the restaurant next to “The Ramp”. (forget the name) Had no reservation but they accommodated us at the bar , which I think was the best seat in the house! Definitely want to spend some more time in that area. Reminds me of home in Cape Breton.

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