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PEOPLE | An Interview with Beltza

“Ah, of course! I forgot seitan! Traditional seitan that we make ourselves. It’s wheat gluten,” said Beltza – owner of Tedone Jatetxea in the neighborhood of Gros, Donostia-San Sebastian – after listing off five ingredients you’ll always find in the kitchen at his restaurant.

The other ingredients they always have on hand include: biological vegetables; red, integral rice; tofu; fish; and miso – which makes Tedone the hidden gem that it is in this small northern Basque city.

Tedone Jatetxea came into the hands of Beltza seven years ago which he uses as his outlet to promote healthy and sustainable eating.

“I spent several years messing around in the world of food, but especially in macrobiotics. Because of that I wanted to put together something that had a little to do with food and macrobiotics,” explained Beltza. “But not entirely because it’s complicated, it’s a philosophy, but considering that we are what we eat, we wanted to try a restaurant to make this concept go a little further, not only thinking about the food but also health.”

Tedone also focuses on buying biological and ecological produce and wine from local vendors whenever possible. Although some key ingredients like miso and red integral rice can’t always be bought locally, he makes sure they come from sustainable and biological backgrounds as well.

Along with a passion for eating well and buying local, Tedone also hosts cenas-tertulias – local jargon for a dinner and a talk.

“I’m always getting a little culture,” said Beltza. “I like literature, stories, food – then it occurred to me to try to make cenas-tertulias.”

Every Thursday at Tedone one can make a reservation for the cenas-tertulias. Varying from week to week, the talks include all kinds of themes from euthanasia to alternative education and from breast cancer to the NATO bombing in Yugoslavia. Upcoming events this March include talks on: Amnesty International, book binding, and archiving seeds.

Tedone Jatetxea is not only a place to eat well and sustainably, but to dive into other worlds of art and culture.


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