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And I Walked Into the Wrong Theatre | Caníbal

While following a hilarious and witty blogger known as The Everywhereist, she has inspired me to borrow one of my favorite sections on her site: WTF Weds. She shares stories of events that make her question her sanity or the existence of the human race. Either way, her posts in WTF Weds usually leave me laughing hysterically and clicking through looking for more.

So, I’ve decided to start my own.

Although this event didn’t quite take place on Wednesday and today is technically Friday, I’m giving myself a little leeway since it’s been a hectic week here during the International San Sebastian Film Festival. 

And that’s just what my story entails.

It was Monday morning and my alarm startled me awake around 8:00 — I was going to the first film of the morning at the Kursal. Or at least, what I thought was the first film.

I slowly pulled myself out of bed after, made some breakfast, had my morning cup-o-joe then threw on some clothes and with ticket in hand, headed out the door.

I gave myself enough time to arrive at the Kursal for the 9:30 AM start of the film, Who is Dayani Cristal? 

I arrived just before 9:00 AM and surprised to see no line, I walked up to the girl and handed her my ticket. She ripped it and pointed me in towards the theater. I followed the other couple people who were walking in with me (although they seemed to be in quite a rush), and walked into the enormous room FULL of people. I found a seat for myself and opened up the newspaper I had bought on my way over. I figured with 30 minutes to kill, I’d like to have something to read.

But just minutes later the lights went down and the screen lit up. I found myself questioning my sense of time and thought it was strange how fast 30 minutes had flown by.

But I stayed and watched the credits start to scroll up the screen. All Spanish names. Hmmm. I didn’t recognize any names. I stayed. The credits kept rolling and I continued to doubt I was in the right film — but I stayed. I didn’t want to be THAT person that broke the silence of over 500 people.

And the first scene played out. I knew instantly. Caníbal.

It was 9:00 AM and I was about to watch a film about a man who eats humans, but to be specific, who eats women.

I weighed the options. Again, I stayed. AND IT WAS FANTASTIC.

It has been one of the best films I’ve seen thus far in the Film Festival. An interesting take on Carlos, a local tailor from Granada, whom has a high reputation amongst his peers. Yet despite being perceived as “normal” in the eyes of society, he secretly leads this life of cannibalism. The story is mostly told through artistically shot scenes showing the routines of Carlos and the woman who unexpectedly enters into his life and shows him what love is.

And although it left me with a feeling of WTF and the fact that I can now no longer eat meat, it was a beautiful mistake that Monday morning. I highly recommend the film — just be ready to look at chicken a bit differently from now on . . .


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