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Music Monday | Sept 16

Inspired by my love of music and two friends from university, I decided to start my own Music Monday with a new friend.

Our time together has been short, but it’s been filled with laughter, food, a trip to the hospital — along with the realization that we both have soft spots for competition and discovering badass music.

And even though it’s an unknown amount till we’ll get to wreak havoc in Spain together (hospital trips almost a guarantee), the beauty of technology allows us to fulfill our petty competitions across country boarders.  Beers are on the line for anyone who forgets a Monday. Let the games begin.

First day, all good. Posts were submitted by 00:07 San Sebastian & at 00:13 Edinburgh —

I started with my submission of a classic. An all time favorite band of mine that has been by my side through thick and thin; blasting through my truck speakers, driving through back roads and city streets in various countries; and in live performances of reenactments. They are THE BAND.
I thought I’d start our first ever Music Monday with a song which begins the famous film: The Last Waltz — a film that documents The Band’s last ever concert on November 24, 1976 at Winterland in San Francisco alongside their closest of friends. Despite it being the last song in the concert, Scorsese launches the film with “Don’t Do It.”  Although it’s not my favorite song by the group, it’s a strangely catchy and upbeat song confessing being defeated by love.
And I guess that’s what I want to take from it — stay positive even when shit gets ya down. Whether or not that was the goal of the song, that’s what I’ll take from it. Happy Monday.
As for my counterparts submission — these are his own words:

I didn’t choose this song because I especially like it or because it’s by my favourite band. I simply thought that in order to cover this game with a layer of solemnity the first song should include the “Monday” word in its title. Plus, I know something about this song and I don’t remember why I know it (side effects of my datacoholism). It was composed by Prince and he gave it to the Bangles hoping he would sleep with their singer, Susana Hoffs, who, by the way, is an incredibly beautiful woman, even now with 54 years old (I checked that out). I don’t know if he achieved that goal.

Besides, the song is relevant because tomorrow it will be a crazy Monday. I’ll print copies of my just finished CV and I’ll start delivering them everywhere: cafés, restaurants, hotels, hostels, strip clubs, youth gangs. Interesting days are about to come. I hope.

So, there you have, as a tribute to the manic Monday to come. And yeah, the song is cool.

So, there you have it. Our first Music Monday complete.

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