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| Pintxo Challenge, Act 1 Scene 1|

It’s already been 5 days into my challenge and I’ve stuck to it (like I’d give up the chance to eat pintxos in the name of writing, really?)

I’ve strolled around my new barrio — the old part — and popped into one new bar a day experiencing what this small city offers. I’ve decided I’m going to update my challenge every 5 days as not to bore everyone with a post a day (plus, I’d probably forget) . . .

At the end of my challenge I’ll write one conclusive article with tips and photos of my overall experience — so keep tuned!

As for the first go . . . here it is. Eat it up!

Day 1: Casa Tiburcio | Calle Fermin Cabelton — Fried Muscle (fried seafood, spicy, & hot!)

A fairly typical bar to stroll into for the Old Part. Options on the bar, but the menu is where the gold is! Take a peek and be pleasantly surprised.


Day 2: Zeruko | Calle Pescaderia — Squid Mango Foie 

A new take on the pintxo; a creative and modern experience in the traditional Old Town. The bar is lined with food and combinations you may have never seen . . . I certainly hadn’t ! As for the menu, it’s almost a guessing game despite the straightforward names. I was shocked when the plate arrived in front of me. It was like artwork. I almost didn’t want to eat it . . . but it was oh so delicious.


Day 3: Bar Martinez | Calle 31 de Agosto — Ham Croquetta 

This deep fried bechamel and ham concoction proves to be one of the more traditional pintxos found in the North. It’s almost guaranteed to find a variation of this is every bar. Tasty and quick and will leave you licking your fingers . . . unless you use the fork, of course.


Day 4: Bar Mendi | Calle San Francisco — Chicken Risotto

I found myself leaving my neighborhood and venturing back to my old stomping grounds of Gros — a neighborhood that hugs Zurriola beach and is home to many surfers, locals and foreigners alike. Every Thursday evening from 7-11 you can find crowds gathered around participating bars throughout the neighborhood offering a pintxo and drink combo for a measly 2euros. It’s brillant.

I didn’t bring my camera out in fear of where the night might end . . . but I did enjoy my tasty pintxo of risotto and a local beer from the tap.  Totally worth the visit on this special evening. A mix of participating bars give you a taste of various pintxos from traditional tortilla de patata (potato omlette) to tostadas de pizza (pizza toast).

Day 5: Danena Taberna | Calle Embeltran — Cheeseburger, YES.

I forgot to mention above that I ate a hotdog yesterday in honor of the USA’s 237th birthday! Today, I ate a cheeseburger. It’s been a good two days.

There are no photos of today for the pure reason my hands were sandy, I was tired, and the smell of the cheeseburger was way to tempting to postpone the first bite . . and then second and third.

Sliders, as I believe they’re called in my homeland, make the perfect bite of American culture while keeping you (me) from indulging too much in the greasy goodness. This hidden bar is a gem. All their pintxos on display are delicious, but their bocadillos . . . don’t even get me started! It’s worth the wait from the kitchen as it will be the best 3-5euros you spend on a take away in San Sebastian.

One thing I’ve learned is always order off the menu — it’s where the hidden gems are.


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