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| a girl who inspires |

The circumstances of how I met her are complicated, but unimportant.

I met her. I met a woman who pushed me to find the work I enjoy; the work I want to pursue.

She isn’t much older than I am, but her circumstances and story are so much different. She’s an inspiration without even knowing it.

Her name is Tran. She’s Cambodian.  And she’s a feminist.

She was lucky to come from a family who valued her mind, who sent her to school to learn and educate herself. She’s now in Barcelona studying a Masters and working hard to promote women’s rights in her home country. Her story and her motivation reminded me of my  desire to help others — particularly women — in less fortunate situations. She reminded me of a class I took my 4th year of university; a Women’s Rights class that struck a chord deep inside that I’ve put aside, but haven’t forgotten about. She reminded me of my purpose here on this earth.

Although now isn’t my time to go to Cambodia, I have found a way to become involved in promoting women’s rights from here in San Sebastian.

I’m dedicating my time to work with an NGO focused on Women’s Rights, Health Education, and Humanitarian Acts in Calcutta, India. Though I won’t be working directly with the women in India for the time being, I’m doing the best I can to help educate and promote awareness anyway I can.

This evening at Casa de Cultura Okendo in Gros (for those of you in San Sebastian) — there’s a talk about the work that Calcuta Ondoan does here in Guipuzcoa and with our partners in India — 19:00-21:00h

For those of you around the world: read & educate yourself about the little things we can do to help make a change in our world.

So, thank you to Tran who helped me rediscover my focus; who reminded me of what I need to do to make this world a better place. Although they’re just my two hands, my words, and my one person — I know I can make a difference; I will.

jornada puertas abiertas_calcutaondoan 1


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