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| an English teacher abroad |

It’s an hour here, an hour there, a bus ride across the city, a couple blocks walk. It’s a day of teaching with only four hours of pay. It’s the life of an English teacher trying to make it abroad.

I moved here in October not knowing a soul in the city. With the help of my previous flatmate, I made posters to hang around the city — found websites to post teaching ads and went out and bought some books to begin my new adventure. Through trial and error I’ve found myself with seven private students who have stuck with me for almost eight months and after the summer holiday they’re eager to keep up their English lessons — with me! The academy I’ve been with since November just asked me to come back in the fall as well. It’s hard to believe that everything I’ve worked for has finally been paying off!

Teaching English wasn’t exactly the path I had foreseen for myself, but then again, I didn’t have much of an idea of what path I wanted to follow. As for being a teacher, it’s something I hope I can always maintain throughout my life no matter where I am. Whether I’m teaching English in a school in Spain or working for an NGO translating documents and using my English / Spanish in other ways — I know I’ll always be there to teach, to share my experiences, and to help others grow in any way possible.

So, until the new adventure begins I’ll keep my timetable organized giving me just enough time to get from one to the other.



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