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| to the mediterranean & back |

It had to be done — I had to escape my seaside town for the weekend.

With Georgia & Olivia heading east, I decided to take a break from my routine and go with them. Little did I know that I’d be reminding myself of why I originally fell in love with San Sebastian three years ago —

The big city smells; bustling, loud, crowds of people; and stuffy buildings had me craving the fresh ocean breeze, chimes of the church next to my house, and the sandy floors that remind me I’m home (and that I maybe need to sweep, too).

It’s a weekend I needed away to make me appreciate where I am — because even though I constantly try to remind myself of “being in the moment” and “making the most of where you are”  — I sometimes need a kick in the ass to remember my own words of advice.

Despite the hectic crowds, we made our way through the winding streets of Barcelona finding new treasures from hidden coffee / book shops to choreographed dancing promotions for a watch store. We admired the artwork of Picasso and faced our fear of heights traveling across the harbor in a teleferico taking in the views of the entire city. We bought Subway (I may have eaten 5 small sandwiches in two days, and yes, I’m proud) and we drank Starbucks. We embraced the culture of tourism and wandered around the city to sites we were told to see. We chatted with new friends in the hostel and with strangers who we’ll never know their names. But most of all, we enjoyed each others company while Olivia took sneaky “mom shots” to document the trip.

The girls have left and I’m back in San Sebastian listening to the small waves crash on the shore. Although it looks like the Mediterranean Sea, the charm of the Atlantic Ocean will always be my home.

So from the big city back to my house on the hill, I’ve been reminded of enjoying the moment: the smell of tea, the taste of an amazing dessert your flatmate just made, or the ticking of the kitchen clock — it’s all there to enjoy. So, make the most of it and remember there are much worse situations to find yourself in. Be thankful for what you’ve made for yourself and the opportunities given to you. It’s an unfair world, and if you’re reading this I’m sure you’re a pretty lucky person. Appreciate it.

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  1. Susan says

    I love reading your blogs, always insightful:) enjoy your day
    Much love mojo

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