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| when it hits home |

It’s striking when it hits home. Especially just down the street from where you grew up; where you now have friends living and working; and family visiting just to spend the day. It hurts knowing that people want to genuinely do damage to your community and have no care as to whom they may hurt or kill.

After the Boston Marathon Bombings, I, for one of the few times in my life, have felt proud to be American. It touches me that the first responders and people in the midst of the bombings didn’t run away, but ran to help. They ran to take care of one another while not knowing if their lives were still in danger. It made me proud to know that my fellow Americans could have such strong hearts and love for their neighbours — unlike the bombers who caused the chaos.

And as much as I truly appreciate the media giving these herioc people the spotlight, I also have a hole in my heart and a sickening feeling in my stomach knowing that the media doesn’t give as much attention to the daily deaths and terrorist attacks in other countries that damage more lives and have a larger effect on the community and the country.

Of course, it’s in the media, it’s on the news, but I personally feel the attention given is not the attention it deserves. I understand when it hits home it’s more real; it hurts people we know and love — however, we’re one world, one race. We should feel that hurt and have compassion for everyone even if they’re not from the same country. We should do more than skim over the headlines of their pain in the newspapers, we should educate ourselves, even if it’s the only thing we do to support our fellow beings.

My condolences go out to all people affected by the bombings in Boston. My sadness for what has hit home is deep, and the pride I feel for the community in taking steps to help one another and find the bombers has never been higher. My hope, out of these tragic events, is that my fellow Americans will realize what other communities, other human beings deal with (sometimes) on a dialy basis. I hope their hearts will be touched and minds opened to the tragedies around the world.

But for now, good luck, my fellow Americans, New Englanders, and Bostonians. May this tragedy never be forgotten and may we become an even stronger community from here on out. And always keep on running.


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