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| grateful: last week of sept |

Starting in mid-August I started a project called 21 Days of Gratitude.

I wrote down three things a day for which I am grateful. Since the project came to an end I haven’t been writing down my gratitude daily – however, I’d like to make it a weekly routine. I’d like to consciously take time out of my day to think about what makes me happy, what I’m grateful for, and share it with you all. I know those 21 Days helped me to take each day and find what’s beautiful around me – even if I’m feeling down. The simple fact I can read and write should remind me of how lucky I truly am.

So for the last week of September I have the following to be grateful:

  1. Weddings – seeing the happiness first & love between two people. Makes me believe in the tradition despite all the divorces and people abusing the right to be married.
  2. Smiling or saying hello to a stranger.
  3. When people say thank you when you’ve helped them.


So, what are you grateful for?


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  1. 1. Sharing my morning drive with youi, our conversations:)
    2. Working with a great group of people who make me smile during the day
    3. beinging close enough to home to walk when you lock yourself out of your car!

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