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Its snowing. Hard. And Im in Montpellier, France. It never snows here. I thought I was running away from the winters in Maine, but I guess it chose to follow me — sorry, France.

So far my time in this country has been amazing despite the frigid weather. The abundance of boulangeries filled with fresh baguettes, croissants, and macarons along with creperies spread throughout has put a small dent in my pocket, but its totally worth it.

– – – Clearly my attention span for writing has been very limited these days. But, who can blame me? I’m traveling around, seeing so many new places, meeting new people and visiting good friends. By the time I have some time to sit down and write, I’m usually putting my head to the pillow to fall asleep for a few hours here and there.

But since I’ve been in Salzburg I’ve felt at home. I’ve felt comfortable and I’ve taken the time to relax. I’ve explored the city, found a few cafes I really enjoy, edited all my photos up to this point, and now I’m starting to write again.

Salzburg has been a refreshing breath of fresh air. It feels like home even though I’m so far away from the Maine mountains.

I knew right away that I needed to spend more than two days in the city. I didn’t want to unpack and have to pack up right away and move onto the next city. It’s nice to not feel rushed and actually enjoy the day as it comes, no schedule, no plans.

Without any idea of what the city had to offer I set out from the hostel my first full day in Salzburg. I explored every nook and cranny I could find. What I love about this place is that there doesn’t seem to be an “old” and a “new” part of town. Even though, according to my Google research, there are two parts to this city, you can’t tell by the architecture. It all flows together. Its refreshing. Its beautiful. It’s unlike any place I’ve ever been.

The fortress that guards the city sits on top of a hill so that everyone can see. It’s white facade contrasts the colorful buildings that circle below set along the river.

From above, looking over the city, I felt as if I were in a movie. The city felt unreal it was so pretty and quaint. So colorful and put together like a puzzle. I kept walking back to the ledge, I didn’t want to leave. I took it all in, took a deep breath and turned around to make my way back down the hill.

The rest of these days I’ve hopped from cafe to cafe as I spend my time relaxing, drinking good coffee, editing photos, writing and talking to friends & family. It’s been a nice break from traveling.

Aaaaaand because I’ve been slacking at actually adding photos to these past few posts, I’ll dedicate a few entries in the future simply to photos of Europe.

Austria, you’ve treated me well. Vienna gave me beautiful architecture and a wonderful tree-lined, snowy walk around the city while Salzburg gave me rest, a time for me to gather my thoughts and to be alone.

Now, to Italy. I may gain an extra 10lbs in 2 weeks while I’m there . . . I can’t imagine I’ll stop eating all the wonderful food I’m about to encounter. Until the next post — keep me in your thoughts wherever I may be: Bologna, Ancona, Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre or Genoa.

I’ll write soon! From Austria with LOVE! S.

((HAPPY VALENTINES DAY, all you lovers.))

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I'm a native of Maine, currently living and working in Portland where I write about my favorite travels and new experiences. I have been published on various travel blogs as well as have collaborated on writing projects with companies such as the travel search engine Hipmunk and Spanish hotel chain Bahia Principe. When I'm not writing, I enjoy being on the ocean, sipping tasty wines, waking up to strong coffee, and sharing all these things with my friends. You can follow my writing at

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