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I left Las Palmas de Gran Canaria yesterday afternoon after a week of relaxing on the beach and working on the base for my summer tan.

I hopped on a plane and set off to Scotland under the impression that I’d be volunteering at a Bed & Breakfast in a town called Dornie in the North. Assuming I was doing nothing wrong I approached the Border Control ready to quickly state my plans and pass through to get my bag and hunker down in the airport for a night of on & off sleep while I waited for my bus to the North in the morning. Let’s just say things didn’t go quite as planned . . .

After playing a game of 20 questions with Mr. Border Control he took me aside and told me I had two options:

1) He refuses me entry to Scotland under the pretense that I was going to be working illegally in the country without a Visa. According to him, in order to volunteer one needs a Visa in the UK. Who knew?

or 2) He allows me entry to Scotland as long as I PROMISE not to volunteer and make other plans.

He continued to tell me that if it were any earlier in the day he would have just refused me entry & sent me back to Spain, which, I may add, wouldn’t have been THAT awful of an alternative. I almost wish I had chosen to go back to Las Palmas . . . I miss the sunshine & warmth (and the people, too). But! Alas! I chose the latter and promised to make new plans for the next few weeks.

Mr. Border Control also informed me that my new stamp signified that I’m allowed to stay in the country for 6 months (but I shouldn’t stay because I don’t reeallyyy have the sufficient funds) aaaand that it acts as a “warning” from the UK. Meaning that the next time I enter the UK I’ll have to explain why they weren’t really happy with me this time around . . whoops!

Aaaaand, on that note, I grabbed my bags and headed to the computer to look for hostels in Edinburgh. I found some space at the Caledonian Backpackers Hostel for 4 nights where I’ll explore some castles and enjoy the accents before heading to Glasgow & then down to London to harass Libby for 2 weeks.

_ _ _

I arrived into the city around 2AM last night and found the hostel after spending a good 20 minutes lost just around the corner. Damn construction. Despite it all, I found my way here, made it to my room & slept quite nicely.

This morning I came down to figure out my plans and eat the free breakfast when the fire alarms started to go off. Everyone in the common area looked from one person to the other questioning if we REEEEALLY needed to evacuate the building. One of the employees came running back in the room and told us we all needed to leave. So after everyone filed out of the building (probably close to 100) we waited until the firetruck arrived to check it out & let us know it was safe to venture back in.

All I can say is I’m so happy I wasn’t hungover, in the shower, or ill or having to deal with any other inconvenient situation. A couple of the guests ran outside in towels, but at least we didn’t have to wait around too long in the chilly morning weather.

Despite the sudden changes in my plans, things have turned out to be pretty good. I’ve met some nice people at the hostel & spent the afternoon walking around the city. I’ll head to Glasgow & see an old friend from university and then get to spend some extra time with one of my favorite people in the worrlldddd.

I’m sure the adventures will continue. And until then — CHEERS!


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