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Twenty-one days ago my friend and I watched a video talking about happiness. The speaker said it’s not about looking forward to happiness, it’s about creating it in the here and now.

We can’t attribute happiness with achievement and success, because once we attain those objectives we’ll only set new ones – continuously pushing away our “ideal” happiness. Unfortunately, this is how most people operate. I only hope that everyone I encounter I’m able to help them realize that its how they choose to celebrate each moment that will bring them happiness and it’s not something we have to push away until we achieve something in particular.

After watching this video the speaker left us with the challenge of finding happiness by taking the following steps in our day to day life:

1) Exercise
2) Do Random Acts of Kindness
3) 21 Days of Gratitude – Write down 3 things a day that you’re grateful for …
4) Journaling
5) Meditation

So – along with my regular exercise, journaling, small amounts of meditation (whether its laying in bed, sitting on my surf board waiting for the waves, or driving in the car) I added in the project: 21 Days of Gratitude – below is my list.

August 25, 2012
1. My family
2. My friends – around the world / best friends & acquaintances
3. My home – my house, Maine, Kennebunk, Moody, Spain

August 26, 2012
1. Sunset
2. My health (& my families and friends)
3.The Ocean
4. Everything my parents and grandparents have given me.

August 27, 2012
1. My comfortable bed
2. Food whenever I want
3. Fresh drinking water

August 28, 2012
1. Watching the rain splash off the ocean while sitting on my surf board, bobbing over the rolling waves.
2. The moment at the airport, train or bus station when you see a loved ones face ❤
3. Music

August 29, 2012
1. Compassionate people
2. Musicals
3. Green tea

August 30, 2012
1. Driving along back roads
2. Good coffee
3. Electricity

August 31, 2012
1. Summers in Maine
2. That my family pushed my brother & I into sports and being outside rather than allowing us to sit inside and play video games, etc.
3. My eye for photography
4. The way if feels before it rains (the smell, the breeze, the warm / cool air)
5. Rainy days
6. Warm & cozy blankets

September 1, 2012
1. Spending quality time with my loved ons
2. Knowing I can always come home
3. The Golden Hour and a light breeze

September 2, 2012
1. Sunday family breakfast
2. Outdoors
3. My adventurous spirit

September 3, 2012
1. WhatsAPP
2. My Passport
3. Looking at my best friend & knowing she knows exactly what I’m thinking

September 4, 2012
1. Road Trips
2. New England
3. & helping make learning Spanish and French that much easier

September 5, 2012
1. My organizational skills
2. My love of reading
3. Overcoming being shy

September 6, 2012
1.Good genes from both sides of my family
2. Fruit
3. Warm chocolate chip cookies

September 7, 2012
1. The smooth appointment I had at the Spanish Consulate
2. Warm and cheesy foods
3. A good judge of character

September 8, 2012
1. For the men who fight for our freedoms even though I don’t necessarily agree with the wars
2. Compliments about my photos even if nobody buys any
3. The fact that my parents have always allowed me to borrow their cars whenever I need one & I have never had to buy one of my own.

September 9, 2012
1. Lazy Sunday afternoons
2. A good surf session
3. My baby kitty Lily

September 10, 2012
1. Beautiful, fall days
2. Love notes
3. Jobs – my current one, my past experiences and all the new ones to follow!

September 11, 2012
1. Skydiving
2. The none of my family was killed in the 9/11 attacked eleven years ago
3. Amazing experiences

September 12, 2012
1. Good wine
2. Good cheese
3. Laughing

September 13, 2012
1. Hummus and my ability to follow a recipe and make delicious food
2. 444
3. Hidden messages

September 14, 2012
1. Looking at the night sky
2 Running into friends you haven’t seen in a long time
3. Skype

I hope some of you will give it a go – It’s been a wonderful way to take five minutes every day to really think about what I’m thankful for in my life. It’s made me smile and really really appreciate everything. And even though the 21 days is over, I’m sure I’ll continue my project for many days, months, years to come.


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