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the grass tickles my fingers as my arms lay resting along the ground. the breeze coming from the east. sweeping stray hairs across my neck, my face. my eyes open and close in the bright sunlight. my skin tightens as the warmth is absorbed. i feel my lips. they part and the breeze gently pours into my mouth as my cheeks salivate embracing these new sensations. my lungs fill with a small breath. it falls. it rises. the salt air in my body. in my nose. out my mouth. counting the breaths as they come and go, as the seconds pass. this is maine. this is home.

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I'm a native of Maine, currently living and working in Portland where I write about my favorite travels and new experiences. I have been published on various travel blogs as well as have collaborated on writing projects with companies such as the travel search engine Hipmunk and Spanish hotel chain Bahia Principe. When I'm not writing, I enjoy being on the ocean, sipping tasty wines, waking up to strong coffee, and sharing all these things with my friends. You can follow my writing at

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